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Quick guide to surface finish selection on 3D Hubs

Selecting one of the available surface finishes for your parts doesn't take more than a couple of clicks. 

To be able to select a surface finish, make sure you have already added at least one part to your cart. After the file processing is done, you will see a list of surface finishes available for the selected material.



Available surface finishes for CNC machined parts

As Machined - Standard
~125 RA µin (3.2 RA µm). Minor tool marks will be visible on the part. Surface finish requirements can be increased to 63, 32, or 16 RA µin. 

Bead Blast
Matte finish with light texture is achieved by blowing small glass beads against the part. 

Anodising Type II
Corrosion resistant finish. A variety of different colours can be applied when anodising. Please include RAL colour code in the description of the part.

Anodising Type III - Hardcoat
Adds a wear resistant layer on top of the corrosion resistance of Type II.

Powder Coat
Strong, wear and corrosion resistant finish, that is more durable than the methods mentioned above. Powder coat finishing are available in large range of colours. Please include RAL colour code in the description of the part.

Available surface finishes for injection moulded parts

Our injection moulding offering includes all standard SPI surface finishes. See a full list with additional details on our knowledge base.

Selecting the right finish for your application

Not sure which surface finish is the most suitable for your application? We have written an extensive article about surface finishes for CNC machined as well as injection moulded parts.

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