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1. Adding billing and shipping information

How to submit your request and resolve shipping and billing information errors

Continue to submit your request

After building your quote, you can now continue to process your request. You can do so by clicking "Continue to submit request" button at the end of the page, which will take you to fill in your billing and shipping details. It is important to note that simply continuing to submitting your request does not mean you are committing to an order.

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Fill in billing and shipping details

To process your order or quote request, we need your billing and shipping details. Fill out all required fields in the form on the left to continue.



Resolving shipping and billing information errors

All addresses are immediately validated. The reason we do this is we want to make sure that parts are not stuck in shipment when addresses cannot be located by couriers.

If you receive an "address is not deliverable" error please make sure you check your address with a well known courier such as UPS or Fedex, this can be done online.

Sometimes, unformatted phone numbers can also cause issues. Please make sure you add your country code before your phone number. For US numbers for example, the code is +1.

What's next?

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