Local vs Overseas production

Learn about 3D Hubs' smart sourcing solution

After you confirm your quote, your order is offered to multiple matching manufacturing partners in our network (based on capabilities, performance and location). By utilising their spare capacity, we can guarantee fast lead times and the best price on the market.

Local vs Overseas production

3D printing orders are always produced locally. For CNC machining and Injection molding, your order may be manufactured overseas. This will not affect the shipping time and we will refund you for any custom fees you may experience if this is the case.

If your part requires local production, you can indicate this while you're building your quote and your order will not be shown to any overseas Manufacturing Partners.

Manufacturing partner quality and certification

Each of our Manufacturing Partners go through an extensive onboarding process before being brought onto the 3D Hubs network, including:

  1. Pre-vetting of manufacturing capabilities and professionalism
  2. Completing multiple test orders that are sent to our headquarters and assessed by our Quality Inspection team to ensure that the test parts meet our Quality Guidelines
  3. Signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement with 3D Hubs to protect confidential information
  4. Signing a Manufacturing Partner Agreement laying out the terms of their supply services
  5. Onboarding to our Supplier Portal, at which point they can begin fulfilling orders

The performance of our Manufacturing Partners is continuously monitored by our Supply team to ensure that all orders are completed in accordance with the 3D Hubs Manufacturing Standards.

Read more about quality assurance.

What's next?

Learn how we will keep you updated during the entire manufacturing process.