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Learn about how you can pay instantly to immediately start production or access our pay later options

'Submit and pay' or 'Submit for manual review'

Below the cart overview on the right, confirm that you agree with our Terms and Conditions and select one of the two options submit your order.



Submit and pay to move your parts to production, without waiting for a signed quote or a purchase order. We only support instant payments with credit cards at the moment. For more payment methods, choose 'Submit for manual review'.

Submit for manual review if you have any additional questions about your order of  you are not able to pay with a credit card. You can use this option to process your order by issuing a PO or signed quote to start production.

In both cases a dedicated sales engineer will be available to you to answer any questions during the manufacturing process.

Resolving payment issues

In case the payment is not successful, your credit card is not charged and your request is submitted for manual review. Our finance department will reach out and help you complete the payment process using a different payment method.

What's next?

Get started building your quote immediately or learn more about how to download and share your quotes to access our pay later options.