Understanding our DfM warnings

Learn how to read our DfM warnings

Our DfM tool analyses the suitability of the geometry of your part for production related to the required technology.


How to access the DfM tool

You can review the manufacturability of your parts by selecting the 'Review manufacturability' option underneath your part name.


What do the DfM warnings mean?


Example of DfM feedback for CNC machining


'Unprintable' this warning means that the parts cannot be passed onto production in this state. You will have to redesign and reupload your parts to put them through to production.


'Poor' and 'Mediocre' this warning will indicate suggestions on how to improve the design to make it easier to manufacture. You can still continue to production with these warnings.


'Good' and 'Very good' this is not at warning and simply means that the part are completely suitable for the selected technology.

What's next?

Learn how to resolve the 'Unprintable' warning.