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What is the Design Verification Program?

Our Design Verification Program includes a First Article Inspection with inspection methods and tolerances dictated by you. This is a standard procedure for all Injection Molding orders, and is available on request for CNC machining orders.


You can utilise this program to:

  • Test for fit in-house
  • Verify that our quality meets your expectations


It works as follows:

  • 2 sets of parts will be shipped to you for verification
  • Once the parts are approved, we will continue with full production
  • If you require any design changes, you can submit the modified models to us. Please note that any significant changes may result in an increase in price.

Download our Design Verification Program agreement


Ready to request DVP on your order?

You can easily request Design Verification Program for your next order by indicating this on your quote and submitting the quote for manual review or contacting sales@3dhubs.com.